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Drama Lama is a theatre group aimed at kids from 6 to 14 years old. We teach kids the skills of acting, physical performance, and speaking on stage. All our holiday camps culminate in a stage production involving all the students. We believe the skills that kids acquire in our camps will serve them well in their future lives, whether it be in their academic studies or their interaction and communication with others. With fun and enrichment at the heart of everything we do, we aim to make your child's holiday their most memorable ever.

Our Team
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Drama Lama is led by our highly experienced drama teacher, Anna, who has a Masters Degree in Drama. She has directed at Moscow's renowned Shchukin Theatre and has 10 years' experience teaching kids as well as a 15-year personal career on stage. We are delighted to introduce you to our leading teacher.

"I set very high standards for myself and my students. Although I appreciate hard work and discipline, I see myself as a loyal and empathic teacher. I always treat my students with care and respect, whilst paying attention to the needs of their parents. I make an effort to keep in touch with parents and to regularly inform them about what we're working on in class. I believe that the best results are achieved when parents have reasonable expectations about progress and don't put their kids under unnecessary pressure. My students get regular homework, which may be accompanied with voice recordings, explanations of vocabulary, and individual feedback."

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Diploma of International Theatre Festival ‘’VASARA’’

‘’Les Russes’’

Lithuanua. Vilnus. 2015

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  • Jean Anouilh ‘’The Lark’’ (L’Allouette) – Joan D’Arc

The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute

  • V. Voinovitch ‘’The Tribunal’’ – Doctor, TV reporter

  • The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute

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  • V. Voinovitch ‘’The Tribunal’’ – Doctor, TV reporter

  • The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute

  • Charles Perrault ‘’Puss in Boots’’ – Madame Cat

  • Project for children ‘’Theater for you’’

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  • Victory Day’s historical show ‘’Katyusha’’ – Ekaterina

  • Penza Theater for Young People

  • Teffi ‘’Les Russes’’ – French wife

  • Art project ‘’The Optimistic Theatre’’

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